Belonging to the World: Jen's Art

Big shoutout to my dear friend and co-creator Jennifer Harvey Sallin, whose artwork and photography you’re seeing here. She’s recently begun documenting her creative process online, as a day-to-day expression and exploration of interbeing and regenerative healing. Go follow her over on her Instagram account @jenniferharveysallin, and explore alongside her as she blogs about nature connection, trauma recovery, evangelism, regeneration, giftedness and neurodiversity.

Jen writes: “My early life was marked by severe trauma. Religious, spiritual and ideological oppression and abuse defined my first 20 years of life. Recovering from evangelical religion’s grip and the developmental damage it does is, I’ve discovered, a decades long (and maybe lifelong) process

Additionally, I’m not neurotypical and this has been another source of world and self sense-making and social disorientation. I’m gifted, autistic, and I have a couple learning disabilities.

It has been a challenge to find my place in the world. And ironically, as our world wakes up and starts telling the truth about female oppression, capitalistic oppression, the patriarchy, ecosystem oppression and destruction, and the history of the devaluation of neurodivergence, while everything seems so ugly, I find myself coming socially alive and online like never before. I can live in and belong to a world which tells the truth, and find my place in it. After all, that’s exactly what my younger self needed all throughout the years, and exactly what is needed for real connection and healthy regeneration.”

It was serendipity that she would start to share her writing+art, at the same time I did, and the themes we’re exploring are similar and complementary. I’m super celebrating that she’s sharing this part of her creative process, both for the beauty of observing it, and for how her experiences will inspire others!

For some context, Jen and I collaborate in other places as well: InterGifted a community for the holistic self-development of gifted adults;

Conversations on Gifted Trauma, a podcast where we discuss the very real phenomenon of “gifted trauma” from our own experiences, that of coaching clients and gifted peers;

I Heart Earth, an online community dedicated to climate activism and education, the restoration of our planet and our relationship to the living world. We use meditation and learning resources to support ourselves in being present, engaged and part of the solution day-to-day with the climate emergency.

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