Non-linear art to connect with non-linear time

I found a 3-year old sketchbook a couple of weeks back, exactly at a time when it seems some of the things I started to explore and embrace then, are coming full circle now.

The biggest theme from the time I drew these, relates to learning to allow myself to make art even if I don’t understand “what it’s for” beforehand– to simply (not so simple back then!) tap into what my body wishes to create even when it seems frivolous or unconnected with what’s happening around me. A steady practice of giving space to what makes no sense, seems irrational or pointless, has taught me to give this kind of art-making value, even if I don’t know what it represents at the time of making it.

Time after time, I’m surprised and my view expanded by what the art reveals after the fact–connections I couldn’t have made prior, or a mirror of my life, inner state, or situation that I couldn’t have articulated verbally. Even beyond “my small life”, it shows me connections to the waves of change in the collective, or connections to the kinds of archetypal or primal energies that weave us to life and take us beyond our self-perception.

This kind of art has shown me without a doubt that there’s a connection within me (within all of us) to something that is not based on conscious awareness, and that it connects beyond the bounds of my body to other forms of life, to bigger patterns, energies and dynamics, and that I can rely on that part to show me what I need to see to plug in more deeply and meaningfully to the world.

Coming full circle from three years ago, I’m now exploring how and where else I can allow this kind of generative, spontaneous expression, and discovering what it reveals, after the fact.

Join me, if you’d like to explore this as well: by creating a doodle, or a more elaborate, intuitive drawing or painting. Allow your preference, emotions and intuition to guide what you make, without focusing on the outcome. After you’re done, notice what the image reflects back to you. Share what you create with the hashtag #mermaidforest (or tag me @mermaid_forest) on Instagram, or on Facebok at Mermaid Forest.

Mermaid Forest @mermaid_forest