Art for when you don't know what the point is

Often I’ll experience images that “come to me” without me really knowing what they relate to in the moment, or if they mean anything at all. Very often these images come with a particular mix of feelings and sensations which, like their visual counterpart, seem puzzling or like they arise out of nowhere.

I used to discard these as “just random ideas” until I started experimenting with taking them a bit more seriously. Every time I’ve done so, the process of giving the image a “voice” and a “body” through painting or drawing has opened up new pathways for healing, an essential new awareness, and/or a deeper connection between my inner world and the outer world. Every time, it comes with surprise and awe that such “random” impulses could reveal so much new information. I’m learning so much from noticing, versus discarding, these, and giving myself permission to give them a voice, even long before I know if, or how they connect to anything.

This painting from last winter (acrylic on paper, 40 x 40 cm, above) was born from one of these random images. While I painted it, and for months after, it’s been a slowly unfolding reveal about what this image might have “wanted” to tell me.

Over to you:

I’d like to invite you to explore seemingly random thoughts, images and feelings through creativity along with me. Have you made anything based on them before? Do you give yourself permission to explore them and allow them to unfold over time? What do you experience when you do this?

Mermaid Forest @mermaid_forest